quintessential redneck prairie

The Author

Wesley Whisenhunt

Wes had a calling to write since he was eight years old. His childhood memories of his father’s death, his mother’s grief and the struggles of his grandparents provide Wes with a voice that is not taught in a classroom and not heard in lecture halls.

This native of Central Texas provides a homespun childlike view of the past that provides teachable moments for today. He brings a sense of humor that beams down as warm as a prairie sun while moving you through thought provoking stories as deep as your favorite swimming hole.

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Quintessential Redneck Prologue by Wesley Whisenhunt

“No doubt about it:  the day I pitched my commode off my front porch was a watershed event in my life. I guess the first part of the epiphany was how calm and satisfied I felt while tossing a cracked toilet bowl out in my front yard. The second part was that in doing that act, I proved I was a quintessential redneck. And as I did the act the thought hit me:  how could I possibly be a redneck if I knew the word quintessential…or epiphany?”