Eve of Destruction at the edge of the abyss

Eve of Destruction at the Edge of the Abyss

I thought I would write a light and cheery article to put everyone in a good mood. Hmm, do you think my featured image and title are too somber? The lady in ...

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From Athens to Shenzhen

From Athens To Shenzhen, Paul’s Words Ring Out

I have never traveled from Athens to Shenzhen. However, I have traveled to China fifteen times, and most of those trips involved three weeks in Shenzhen each ...

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The knives are out for you too

The Knives Are Out For You Too

Julius Caesar was assassinated near the Ides of March in 44 B.C. in a Senate gathering. Caesar’s assassins stabbed him to death. There is an idiom, “The ...

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What is Truth? It has a way of coming out

What Is Truth? It Has A Way Of Coming Out

There is an Arab Tale recorded in William J. Bennett’s book titled The Moral Code. On page 232, The tale is titled Fish or Cat? Bennett begins, “The Arab ...

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Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

According to Quote Investigator, the earliest evidence of the phrase “Denial is not a river in Egypt” was inferred in the “Reading Times of Reading, ...

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There is something about dragons. Chinese New Year of the dragon.

Chinese New Year Is Near And Dragons Disturb Me

The upcoming Chinese New Year is the year of the dragon. So, why am I writing about the Chinese Zodiac? Because the Chinese New Year is near, and dragons ...

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See That They Get Justice

Finding Justice and Will Jesus Find Faith On Earth?

You would have likely encountered this tree if you had traversed the Chisholm or Bosque trails 150 years ago. Back then, it was a lone tree on the prairie and ...

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Sumac Tree Leaves

Sumac Tree And Other Things

“To this day, I have not forgotten how the sumac tree on the side of the road came and passed by so quickly and the roar of the dirt and rocks being thrown ...

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recognition that religion can be a powerful tool when applied to selling the global climate agenda

The Global Climate Agenda

You must get a subscription to the Epoch Times and find the article written by Darlene McCormick Sanchez. Her article, titled Religious Leaders Join UN, WEF to ...

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The Magic Thread

A Magic Thread To Speed Up Time

There is a book I keep near my desk. It is The Book of Virtues. It is a treasury of great moral stories edited with commentary by William J. Bennett. Usually, ...

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