• Psalm 23

魔术词 Magic Words

As a child of the prairie, I was carried by my parents to a small country church every Sunday. I never considered the words read to me from God’s word as magic. I was taught and still believe that the words in the holy scriptures are inspired by God. When I grew up and traveled on business to China, I met many nice people. Some of them confided in me and told me their problems.  Their problems were very similar to problems people have in my home country. I believed the inspirational messages that helped me would help my new found friends. I was quite surprised to hear from my Chinese co-worker that the words I told her were magic words.

She had told me when she was a girl some men came to her house and some bad things happened. She said ever since then she did not sleep well at night. I went to my dorm that night and copied Psalm 23 on to a piece of paper. The next day I gave her the paper and told her to read it aloud at night immediately before she went to bed.

Not magic, but powerful

The next morning she came to work and wanted to know more about those magic words. She said she slept well after reading them for the first time in many years. I told her the words were not magic. She said they had to be because they were so powerful. I agreed the words were powerful. I told her the words came from the Holy Spirit of God. This was my first time to witness in a foreign country. The opportunity just fell in my lap. I did not plan nor seek out an opportunity to witness. It just happened. The same power that created those words was powerful enough to make sure those words reached its intended audience.

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